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my missing puzzle piece,
I'm complete."

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"Prejudice is just ignorance."

Absolutely in love with Nicholas Jonas & Christopher Colfer
& I do not need you to judge me for that.

The obvious facts about me

5March94; Piscean

Purple is loved.
Singing is loved.
Writing is loved.

There are also other simple things to know about me

#1. I am an obsessed Jonas head.
I live in the name of JONAS, so deal with it.
Nicholas Jonas is my favourite.

#2. I am a Gleek. In my world, I breathe Glee. Glee is my air.

#3. I am a Kurtsie/Colferite, meaning that I am a fan of Glee's Kurt Hummel and Chris Colfer, the most adorable guy alive.

#4. I personally feel that I am a lot like one Rachel Berry, for many reasons.

#5. I wish I was in a glee club.

#6. I also love Selena Gomez. She might not be the best singer around, but she definitely is one of the best role models I can ever have.

#7. I love Heather Morris, aka HeMo. Her one-liners as Brittany on Glee are insanely hilarious.

#8. The hotness that are Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet are my new eye-candies.

#9. I also love David Henrie, Sterling Knight, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner and Logan Lerman. That's all.

#10. If there is any need to mention this at all, I'm 100% NON-HOMOPHOBIC.
Love is louder, and everyone deserves love.


For the record, I'm 100% STRAIGHT.

I love who I love, and I do what I do.
I am who I am, and while I respect you for your views, I hope you respect mine.

If you hate what I love, either keep it to yourselves or just tell me politely.

Don't go insulting them in my face, because I don't want to know or hear or see.

Respect, yo.

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4E1 2010.

Thursday, November 18, 2010, 11/18/2010 12:18:00 AM
Blog sweet blog.

I'm back.

No one missed me. I'm sure. No one's ever here.

Anyway, I just thought I'll revamp my blog a little and revive it. I won't be here all the time, because Tumblr has taken over my life. It's totally addictive, and I can't stay away, like ever. I'll still make an effort to come here every once in a while, even though I have no readers.

I feel more loved on Tumblr, and on Twitter. I've actually made many friends there. From Singapore, from Canada, from different states of USA, from UK, etc. It's pretty amazing, even though it can be dangerous.

So, the theme of my blog is "Teenage Dream". I've always loved that song, but after Darren Criss did a cover of it, I fell in love with it all over again.

Who is Darren Criss?

He is the one and only HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER. No, not HARRY POTTER from the HARRY POTTER SERIES. Just type "A Very Potter Musical" on YouTube. You'll get what I mean.
He is also Blaine on Glee, but you probably wouldn't care.

He's amazing, because just after one episode, he is now a series regular on Glee. WOW.

Not only that, his cover on "Teenage Dream" is also #1 on iTunes chart the very week it came out. DOUBLE WOW.

The gif of Chris Colfer under was from the scene of Glee's "Teenage Dream".

I also changed my profile. It was initially super long after its first edit, but I cut it short. Real short.

My music player will change every week or so, with special playlists and all. Don't worry. They won't always be aboout Glee, that I'll promise. This week, I've been going nuts over Glee, and hence, it's Glee. I mean, honestly, the songs are amazing! Have you even heard them?

Anyway, feel free to visit my Tumblr, but I'll like to warn you first.
My tumblr is filled with Glee and Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel stuff. I do have other stuff on it once in a while, but if you can't deal with Glee/Chris/Kurt, don't go.

You can tag my blog with whatever you want to say, and I'll reply you in the best way possible. Leave me a link to your blog if you want me to reply to you there.

If not, you can always click the 'Ask Me Anything' button at the end of my profile on Tumblr and type whatever you want. I'll reply, but you'll have to check back for it yourself.

I update TWITTER like everyday, or close enough, so yeah. You can check that out. I have roleplaying accounts, but you don't need to know that. Haha.

Do understand that my craze over certain shows or people remains purely mine, and I'll just like you to respect that. I can respect you, and I just hope I get the same treatment.

Links can be found at "Links", but in case it's too troublesome or anything, here they are...

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/imJIAMIN

edit: If anyone is even here, I removed the link to my Tumblr because I realised no one really cares about what I post there, so I shall keep to my own personal world. Bye.

11/18/2010 12:11:00 AM

There is no need to say this, but...


My very own.
It's an acoustic guitar, which is what I always wanted.


I love my parents!


Ignore me while I go nuts over my new acoustic guitar. It's reddish-orange, and it's awesome! :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010, 5/27/2010 09:06:00 AM

Hey people out there!

I'm finally back, but I'm here to say that I will not be posting here for a very long time.
Maybe I'll be back after my major examinations.


So, till then, I'll be posting on http://simplicity-complexity.tumblr.com/

Firstly, I have access to tumblr on my iPod, so it's easier because a computer is not required.
Secondly, it's kinda linked to my Twitter in a way.
Thridly, it's fun.

I won't update all the time though, so Twitter is still the only place where you can find me everyday.




Saturday, March 27, 2010, 3/27/2010 11:40:00 PM
William's Celebration Party!

Hey! I'm finally back...

I missed blogging.
But I've been on Twitter all these while :)

If there are still any readers of my blog out there, I missed you all.

Okay... Back to business.

What's my reason for posting today?

It's simple. I went to William's celebration party today :)
Why? It's because his birthday is on Monday.


Before I went, let's just say I fell asleep and almost overslept.
I was too tired from CO practice, which I'll touch on a little at the very end.

So yeah...
I managed to get ready by 7pm, and went out to take the train to Bukit Panjang so I can change to a direct bus that stops outside William's house.

I was lucky I didn't miss the bus.

I took 180 and saw Luzerne, ZhengYong and WaiLoon boarding the same bus, so I texted Luzerne.

Luzerne was facing me, but he totally didn't see me.
ZhengYong stood up and saw me.
Then, WaiLoon came up to me (They were in the front; I was at the back) and asked me to join them.

This is such a coindence.
Oh, by the way... ZhengYong said he saw Mr. Ngoh at BPP. haha.

So I went to sit with them, and we went to William's house.
William wasn't home yet, but Rivario and Young Jun were already there.

We waited.

It was pretty awkward because I was the only girl there then.
Then people started coming... and William finally came.

The people present besides me at his party were Luzerne, ZhengYong, WaiLoon, Rivario, YoungJun, JunHan, YaoXing, Pesdy, XuanZhen, XueYi, TunLeng, Samuel, Justin (Ho), ShuYi, MinJee and QiJiang.

We ate pizzas and KFC.

And because they couldn't finish the food, they played games to clear the food.

William mixed coselaw and mashed potato with chilli, and he ate a spoon.
Guess what?
He spit it out immediately.
It was freaking gross, seriously...

I talked to ShuYi.
We don't really know each other, but we talked about CO stuffs.

Then we played Wii.
I sucked.

JunHan was doing something to Luzerne, something that made me laughed like crap.
Luzerne's reaction was totally epic.
and JunHan just wouldn't leave him alone.

Then yeah, people started leaving because it was getting late.

The rest of us (William, ShuYi, QiJiang, MinJee, Justin, YaoXing, TunLeng, XueYi, XuanZhen and I) went up to the roof to play.
It was quite fun.
We did some pretty crazy things, and weird dares, trust me...

I waited for my parents to pick me up, and the others waited with me.
Then we left together.

So yes, I would like to thank William for the invitation :D

& yes...
CO practice.
I almost forgot to wake up and go, but I made it in time.

I met WenLiang and Jared in school. They were pretty shocked to see me there.
They were like "You're in CO?!" haha.

and JunHan too...

The practice was smooth.
I'm nervous about tomorrow.
Hope I'll do a good job :D

Yeah, I have to finish some homework first.

I finished packing the things I need to move up to the new house.
I will most probably be sleeping there tomorrow :D

I'll take photos and upload them on Facebook and maybe Twitpic.

Ok. Bye!

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 3/21/2010 12:02:00 AM
Literature "To Kill A Mockingbird" Play

I'm back.

Before I start with my purpose of being on blogger again, let me just say that



I may have the best L1R5 (of 11) in 4E1,
but my MSG still isn't that good since I failed 2 subjects...
But overall, I had a B3. Which isn't good but I'll improve :)

and I'm in TOP 10 for Literature, which only my class took.
& TOP 5 for English of the entire Sec 4E. :)

I'm 5th. YAY :)

Half of my class made it to the top 10 of English.
That's why I love 4E1. We are totally awesome in English. :]

So, my main reason for being here...

Today was the day when 4E1 was going to watch the TKM Play together with some other sec 3s and Ms. Rina.

I was supposed to meet Beverly at Bugis Junction, but the stupid traffic jam made me late.
So I went to the library alone and waited for them.

I saw JiaRen and Hariharan on the way, so I tagged along with them.
We totally crapped while walking.

ShaoFen wished me a happy belated birthday.

Then we went in to watch.
I sat with Charmaine and Beverly beside me, with Luzerne beside Charmaine for the first half and Beverly for the second, and Becky beside Beverly for the first and Charmaine on the second.

The play was quite good. They mixed the past and present a little, and included some musical numbers, but overall, it was pretty interesting.

Then, we took pictures and candids, and my parents came and picked me up.
You can find the photos at my facebook account.

All the girls wore dresses/skirts, except me and Kavya.
She wore knee-length leggings, while I wore jeans with my dress-like shirt. LOLS!
That's just the way I dress :)

Oh, and thanks for the present that Asyiqin and Izyan gave :)

Friday, March 12, 2010, 3/12/2010 11:37:00 PM
Few things to say...

I have decided not to edit my old posts. I'm too lazy for that.

Well, maybe just one... the one during my birthday.

other than that, you probably wouldn't see me on blogger that much.
besides my class blog, because i update the homework for my class like almost everyday.

so yeah.

this is a super short post.

firstly, i want to thank shaoqi for the bday present. it's cute. thanks.

secondly, there's a choir performance at Millenia Walk tomorrow, so come down and support us!

thirdly, well, i think i have a sleeping disorder.

next, my life is so hectic sometimes i just wish that i don't have so much responsibilities.

then, my term 1 results are great!
or at least, to me it is.

english - A2
a math - A2
e math - A1
chemistry - A1
biology - B3
literature - A2
higher chinese - fail (because i did the wrong summary passage... suck! i am what i call and epic failure.)
combined humanities - fail (because while i passed my history, i totally failed social studies...)

overall L1R5 = 11


why? because i don't have to include my higher chinese and combined humanities when i have english and literature. hip hoorays!

another thing is... i won't be back on blogger so soon.
i'll only post like when something really major and important comes up that i have to tweet about.

but i'll be on twitter and msn like always...

since my laptop is on everyday, my msn is signed in.
i have ebuddy on my ipod touch, so well, i can chat there too.

i tweet from TweetDeck on my ipod touch, so yeah...

so, see ya all for now!
i'll get my bday post up asap!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010, 3/11/2010 11:56:00 PM
Nick Jonas Day

Today is the day what we, tweeters, call the "Nick Jonas Day"...
Because 3 years ago on this very same day, Nicholas Jerry Jonas told the world, and the fans, about his diabetes...
He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 13, but it wasn't until 11 March 2007 that he announced it to everyone.
Now, why is such a big deal to all JONAS fans?
It's because we love Nick Jonas.
Nick inspired us, with words, speeches, actions and songs.
He taught us many things in life...
He wrote "A Little Bit Longer" to tell us about his diabetes.
He helps charities and partners them to support diabetes kids.
He even testified in the US Senate to promote more research funding for a cure for diabetes.
He personally enlightened me.
I may not have diabetes, but I understand how it feels like to go through, because some of my family and friends are diabetic...
He told us that we're not alone.
He taught us not to give up on life, even if they is a slight imperfection.
He taught us to live on and not let anything slow us down.
He is the reason why some of us are still standing strong.
"A Little Bit Longer, and I'll be fine..."
Nick Jonas is our role model and that is the reason why I love him.
"This song is every broken heart, and every lost dream... For every high, and every low... This song is for you..."
Nick didn't let diabetes slow him down.
We shouldn't let anything slow us down.
So yeah, what's the big deal? It's just diabetes, isn't it?
True, but is diabetes an easy thing to live with?
Nick is only 17, going 18 this year, and he has to live with something that is so frightening.
It isn't a joke...
But he has gotten through life with it, and why can't we when we have trivial matters that are stopping us?
If he hadn't taught us anything, or tell us about his diabetes, then maybe, some of us would have lost hope long ago...
And so, we'll never forget this very day, the day that all of the Nick J fans call "Nick Jonas Day"...

Friday, March 05, 2010, 3/05/2010 12:12:00 AM
Finally... 5 MARCH 2010.


I won't turn 16 officially until afternoon :)

Then i will wish STERLING KNIGHT a happy birthday too.
in 16 hours when it is 12mn in LA :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010, 2/27/2010 11:13:00 PM
CO Practice

I went to CO practice today.

I'm from choir, so what am I doing in CO, you might ask...


Those who know will know.
Those who don't? Well, just wait.


ok :D

so i woke up early to go to CO, and specially for CO.

tired but quite awesome...

then well, came home and watched WOWP.
i missed that show.

JUSTIN is loved.
ALEX is adored.
& MAX? simply hearted.

my parents got me an ipod touch.

yeah, it totally is!

i've been pestering them, but i stopped after a while.
i'm confident that they will get it for me.

i already predicted it as a birthday gift :D

then well, went out to eat with my family, aunts, uncles and cousins :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010, 2/25/2010 08:13:00 PM

Sorry to JINGYI for being unable to post this bday on the day itself because i was freaking pissed.

so, HAPPY 16th (belated) BDAY TO JINGYI!!!

Honestly pissed.
What have I done to offend anybody?

i have been nice to everyone in school. i don't flare up or lose my temper, insult others... or do anything that can anger them...

why am i facing all these freaking crap by freaking lame people?
damn, seriously.

These people are lame.

Well, it's not like i'm going to stop blogging/tweeting because someone scolded me for you.
i will still do what i do, whether i do hw or blog or tweet or play or whatever.
but i really hate it when people accused me of something i didn't do or say...

freaking damn.

i haven't typed the word 'damn' in such an angry manner in my blog for some time.
because of this person, i broke my own code.

it's like 2009 march all over again.
don't get what i mean? just search for march's posts...

damn that person.

i don't take insults.
i have learnt to stand up for myself.
i will fight on for what i believe is true.

like nick jonas said...


i honestly wouldn't sit aside and let my feelings and thoughts go unheard.
i will do whatever i fear.
i will face them.
i will, and i won't fall back.

idiots who freaking accused me...


anyways, passed my a math test.

i only did 3 out of 6 qns...
but luckily i did parts of other questions...
or else, FAILED!


ok bye.

off to do my homework.